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Copywriting services

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Copywriting services

Copywriting—whether in English, Japanese or any other language—is about engaging your audience from the first words, and keeping them wanting to read to the last. That’s the bottom-line aim of all writing, no matter what the topic, form or medium.

How do we create that engagement through copywriting? We tell a story that takes the reader on a journey. And when they reach the destination of that closing sentence, they will have learned something new or will be ready to answer the call to action.

As a Tokyo-based creative agency, we can tell your story in English or Japanese with equal impact – all of our writers and editors have years of experience writing for a wide range of applications and in a voice that reinforces your brand. We also work with a network of professional copywriters in the Asia-Pacific region, helping you cross the cultural divide into Chinese, Korean, Thai and other South-East Asian languages.

Now more than ever, online copy needs to play its part in moving a page up the Google search ranking for particular keywords. Writing for search engine optimization (SEO) is just one part of what we do. We can also audit existing content and develop a keyword strategy that’s tailored to your product or service lineup. We create content that’s meant to be read by real people, but optimized for the search engines used by your potential customers.

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Our copywriting services include:

  • English Copywriting: our Tokyo-based English copywriters deliver world-class, compelling content across a wide range writing styles and media
  • Japanese Copywriting: our Japanese copywriters writers have years of experience creating content that resonates culturally with local audiences
  • Copywriting from interviews and onsite visits: marketing communications, articles, blog posts and more written from online or in-person interviews and/or onsite research
  • Copywriting from desk research: original content written from desk research for blog posts, articles, white papers and more
  • Copywriting for social media: create maximum communication impact in a minimum of words
  • Copywriting for SEO: make sure you’re hitting the keywords you need to rank higher in Google’s search ranking and drive more traffic to your site
  • Copyediting of existing content: we’ll help you take your existing written or translated content to the next level
  • Copywriting for Asian locales: whether you need copywriting in Chinese, Korean, Thai or other South-East Asian languages, our network of writers help you communicate your message effectively across cultures


We create copy for a wide range of applications, including:

  • Corporate communications: engaging content for internal and external communications, including press releases, internal and external corporate news and articles, strategy updates, results commentary, programs and campaigns, and more
  • Web copy: treat your site visitors to engaging, easy-to-read copy that hits targeted SEO keywords
  • Blog writing: drive traffic to your site (and give your site visitors a worthwhile read) with insightful blog posts that include targeted SEO keywords
  • Social media copy: sharp, to-the-point copy for Twitter, facebook, LinkedIn and other social media platforms
  • Marketing communications copy: persuasive copy for brochures, email newsletters, advertising, promotions and campaigns
  • Inbound and outbound tourism: whether it’s outbound content for Japanese tourists or inbound content for visitors to Japan, our network of marketing copywriters help you reach diverse audiences in English, Japanese or in other Asian locales
  • Scripts for narration: script writing for natural-sounding narrations for videos, podcasts and audio guides
  • Technical writing: clear, consistent, easy-to-understand writing for user manuals, getting started guides and other technical communications

As a Japan-based creative agency, we can help you create compelling digital, web, video and print communications in English and Japanese, as well as Simplified and Traditional Chinese, Korean and other East Asian and South-East Asian languages. Get in touch with us to hear how our copywriting services can help you connect to potential customers worldwide.

Creative Copy

For print and Web advertising, articles, brochures, direct mail and other marketing materials.

Copy for Communications

For press releases, Web sites, annual reports, and environmental/CSR reports.

Technical Writing

For user manuals, on-screen help and e-learning materials.

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