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Japanese Copywriting

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Japanese Copywriting

Japan has an enviable and justified reputation for quality. With the world’s third largest GDP, the country is a global leader in pharmaceuticals, chemicals, engineering, infrastructure and more – often establishing quality benchmarks that become international standards. Quality is both provided and expected.

Against this backdrop, depending on the industry, profession or social strata being addressed, Japanese communications experts place high name value on reliable teams that can maintain quality standards.

For example, while a translator may excel in the field of aerospace or oncology, that doesn’t mean they have the skillset to effectively handle marketing copy or social media. In this case, if your linguistic resources aren’t versed in the latest digital trends, it could result in some puzzled looks and at worst, a loss of trust.

In our global world, new companies are localizing for the Japanese market every day. Most of the copy, although translated by accomplished native linguists, is not being reworked with the new cultural audience in mind. When the stakes are high and getting your target demographic’s attention is imperative, a dedicated Japanese copywriter with first-hand knowledge of your industry and content can ensure communications are both accurate and culturally-sensitive.

Here are a few examples of industry categories and specialist areas where Japanese copywriting will result in enhanced communications.

  • Marketing: advertising copy, social media, trends and popular slang
  • Data analytics: data mining, SEO and the use of algorithms
  • Industrial design: injection molding, semiconductors and medical devices
  • Cryptocurrency: blockchain, lightning networks and IOST

In the above niche fields and beyond, Japanese has many industry-specific technical terms that a translator unfamiliar with the field simply might not know. Investing in a Japanese copywriting resource makes the difference between translations that are simply readable and content that is meaningful to the reader. In turn, this enhances your credibility, improves in-country SEO results, and speaks to your Japanese counterparts using industry-specific language they understand.

If you are looking to reach a Japanese audience, Modis Design can help. In addition to providing added value to translation, we also specialize in content development and copywriting, from persuasive copy in print and digital media to spoken language in video narration. Don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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