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Matching Media to the Message in Corporate Japan

Companies in Japan are discovering the benefits of video for internal corporate communications

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Matching Media to the Message in Corporate Japan

Across corporate Japan, intranet news articles and printed newsletters are still the default solution for many companies’ internal communications needs. These channels are tried and tested ways of delivering basic news and ensuring that different departments stay on top of what’s happening within the company. But domestic comms teams are starting to discover that other channels can communicate a message more effectively. Here, we’ll focus on why video is fast becoming a popular media for corporate communications.

In terms of the amount of information conveyed, video is second only to face-to-face, direct communication. A video of just a few minutes can convey complex ideas that might take several pages of text to explain—pages of text that many people simply wouldn’t get around to reading. For example, an engaging animation is a great way to introduce a change in corporate strategy or a new benefits package. Animated videos are fun to watch and are a quick and easy way for people to absorb information. Most importantly, they reduce the stress put on employees when learning about new systems that directly affect them.

CEOs delivering “town hall” style messages is another trend that is just starting to hit Japan, and it’s a case where video can really enhance corporate communications. Watching the actual speech reveals the speaker’s emotions, personality and level of dedication to their employees—things that a news article would struggle to match.

An animated video used for internal communication

As Japan goes global and company employees are coming from all over the world, videos can bridge the gap across cultural and linguistic backgrounds. In recent years, visually-engaging media, including infographics and animation, are a popular trend, as both deliver messages in an easy-to-understand and appealing way. Furthermore, infographics and animation reduce the need for text or narration, making them easy to grasp for employees from diverse backgrounds.

Modis Design offers a one-stop solution for your next cross-border video project, whether it’s live video, animation or a bit of both. Our international team of video professionals help turn complex ideas into easy-to-understand messages through clear visual storytelling. If you want to know more about what we can do, feel free to get in touch!

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